15 responses to “Solo-Baric 15 inch home theater home stereo SLAMMING HOME STEREO”

  1. Casey Baxter

    I know this video has alot of me talking and little music,,, i wanted to do
    a walk through to explain how its laid out.. If anyone is interested I
    will post another video with just some music banging, maybe walk through
    other parts of the house also to show how much it rocks the place!! The
    kitchen upstairs sounds the worst,,, every plate, bowl, spoon and fork
    rattling like hell!!

  2. Hometheater Bass

    Finally came across someone else running car audio in a theater lol, here I
    thought I was the only one. I am currently running 10 Audiopipe 15 s in my
    home theater, grand total of roughly 15,000 watts. I can make a few
    suggestions if you are wanting to go bigger. One is that you are running
    that amp directly off the power supply, that’s a 60 amp power supply, which
    I didn’t look up the specs on that amp, but I’d say at high volume you are
    starving it for power. I would suggest you add a gel cell to the mix.
    Basically wire it like it would be in a car, power supply to the gel cell,
    just like an alternator in a vehicle. Also I would add another power
    supply to the existing one, many say you cannot add 2 power supplies
    together, but I can tell you that it works perfectly. I am currently
    running (3) R.V. power supplies, at 100 amp each. The R.V. power supplies
    work so much better, they are bigger, and designed for high current draw,
    capable of 14.3 volts, and designed for substaining a 12 volt battery. I
    am running (3) rather big sub amps, that are powering the (10) 15s, that
    will easily do hair tricks in a home theater, 3 gel cells, 50 farad
    capacitor, under load, can pull a good 280 amps, had a ton of experience in
    trial and error when it comes to all this, however I can tell you what
    works best if going bigger. I know what you mean about getting help on
    home theater AV forums, most of them think mine is too much blah blah,
    however just some thoughts for you to consider.

  3. ابراهيم بيغ

    Can u tell me which type of spot lights u have installed in ur basement ؟؟
    with k e.g ( 4000k or 3500k )

  4. vibzz69

    niceee i just know it would sound really good …. when i told my friends i
    had car audio as my home audio they started laughing so i played for them,
    now all of them wanted the same after lol to bad i don’t have them any
    more, i had 12000 watts of power but will defo get them again after
    watching this video.. thanks man!

  5. eli bang

    Hey man I really love ur set due clean and simple bro I m like it like a
    lot keep it up do a bass demo bro 

  6. Empire Audio

    Very impressive

  7. darius5171

    Very good job!!!

  8. DJK4Life

    oh man Outstanding job, how much did the “grand total” come up to? i might
    want to upgrade my system but thats besides the point, Thank you for
    sharing your Awesome home theater system.

  9. Anthony Macon

    I love your set up man, Its better than mine n its 5,000 watts system .
    its on my channal check it out . . i love the set up n subs bro keep it up
    make another vid .

  10. bob builder

    A that week I got to 2 db drive competion subs 2000 rms with a hifonic amp
    2200 watts and car battery inside my house

  11. GaMiNg FrEaK hAs FaNs

    What’s the song? I wanna blast 

  12. Seeta Torres

    nice job bro…..love the bass box…i used to have 4…12inch…L7’s in my

  13. Guilherme Pereira

    Hey man, can you say how many liters have the internal volume of the box? I
    really liked the result, it´s a monter bass!!! Congratulations, nice system
    and great job!

  14. BurningTirez

    Nice setup, I have 3 15’s and 2 10’s in my garage powered by a 2500w amp
    off a homemade 12v power supply and it fucks shit up.

  15. Matt Harris

    Super clean. Good job!