15 responses to “MTX RFL Motor custom 12” car audio Subwoofer ! nice design”

  1. Francisco Gonzalez

    Know anybody who would like to trade me for some kickers for my 15 inch MTX
    I got the same one the original

  2. Francisco Gonzalez

    Man I got that same sub woofer book everything still original 4000 watt
    peak 2000 watt RMS 2 ohms all red on the top in that thing hits hard.

  3. mrsnowshredder26

    Im building a 12 inch sub right now and I was wondering what you use to
    extend the voice coil former to the cone?

  4. Richard Hill

    Nice idea.

  5. matt callahan

    Ever run this and put a vid up

  6. mazda2284

    @kittybath i can put more in for sure :) or like sew 3 spiders together and
    do dual 3 layers for a total of 6 :)

  7. MK3SUPRA11

    that looks good man

  8. Rms2000w

    do it, then we’ll see what it can do,its a pretty sick looking sub,i love
    the big roll, it always makes them look more powerful!

  9. StreatBeatsAudio Subwoofers

    do it man thenmeter it becuse that just lokks BEAST!!!!!

  10. kintarben

    ugh but MTX…

  11. jemes925

    where do you get the motor and basket i want to make my own but i can never
    find them

  12. mazda2284

    kinda. i built the RFL into a 10” instead , and i used a AQ motor afor
    this basket and cone ect. videos are all on my page somewhere. if you go on
    my homepage and search ” custom ” you should find em easy

  13. mazda2284


  14. clickclakblastem52

    dude theres one of these on craigslist here in columbus..its a 15
    tho..pretty sure its the same motor..its an rfl

  15. whatsthepoint44

    when you test your subs they need more power there is my feedback man…
    they look sick lets just see if they sound sick.