25 responses to “Custom Car Audio Amp Rack Build w/ EXO’s Big Subwoofer BASS System / SPL Stereo Install How To 5”

  1. kafoure93

    Love caprice suns and love your vids… Keep making and thanks

  2. EXOabigdeal

    @GLUESOANGEL – Amen :)

  3. edyy6619

    you should put a big plexi glass in the middle would look nice

  4. Aaron Jepsen

    HELLO YOUTUBULOUS! haha gotta love EXO. i watch every single one of your
    videos and they never get old. keep doing what you’re doing!!!

  5. baller979

    Dave the mothafucking box guy… Lol.

  6. diebybow1

    @EXOabigdeal they kick ass, wish i had some right now theres nothing wrong
    with older people drinking capri sun

  7. 123imdeaf

    You should spraypaint the back windows black

  8. Justin Langston

    EXO i wish u were my neighbor

  9. Torin Sadler

    Yeah buddy!! haha lookn good man, keep it up!

  10. diebybow1

    @EXOabigdeal yea gas from south dakota to where ever you are will be a lot

  11. FaTaLx1nSt1nCtS

    Dude!! I have been following up on the vids since aug of this year. awesome
    shit. i enjoy all of them. You and Meade are the shit!!!!!!

  12. BlackAndWhiteModding

    This dude is a cool, I am too aggressive with people lol this looks insane
    I hope one day to have this!! 16 right now

  13. JiiTeRHD

    Bass = Bad Ass Sound System

  14. cplatz16

    Hahahahha 3:41 seriiously made me laugh man. Sweet racks.

  15. IZZYxSKiiLZ

    i just went WAHHHHHHH!

  16. Jake Fox

    Hey exo love the videos your.videos help me with my system and ideas on
    stuff so thanks exo

  17. rebelboi111

    CAPRISUN!!!! lol installs lookin good man i cant wait to see it all
    finished up

  18. rfofmiscellania

    @josuecastillo2000 That wall wasnt cheap with all the mdf/low
    expansion/paint, fiberglass ect, that roof update was probably a good 80
    bucks, and i think he was just waiting till he saved up enough to buy 5
    huge amps at once not 1-2 at a time, save shipping costs.

  19. Tonio9606

    that was funny lol yeah I got Capri sun

  20. THEPITBOY2011

    aggghhh i wanted to see carpet lol :P

  21. preston8797

    nice work!

  22. diebybow1

    Capri sun

  23. RabidBasher

    I can’t believe you can do all this on a budget EXO! I’m…actually kind of
    in awe. :) Of course, I guess you don’t have to worry much about making a
    car payment either do ya? :)

  24. IzzyLL

    lol u sounds like aziz ansari..lol

  25. eyetick13

    any idea how much your van is going to weigh when your all done and
    everything is in it? haha