13 responses to “Good Dubstep Bass Songs w/ EXO’s 6 18″ Subwoofer Setup Slammin 5 Bassy Tracks | Loud Demo Music 2015”


    Try these
    D-Jahsta – Crucify
    Sadhu – Black Mass
    Invictous – Evil
    AlphaBit – The Rapture
    Benga – Night (Digital Soundboy Remix)

  2. My Stoner Mind

    Seeing as though nobody’s said it yet, I will.
    I hope you’re feeling better after the tonsillectomy dude! Much love my

  3. MazdaBass971

    EXO Play Love on first sine by Spag Heddy.

    It has a pretty solid bass line.

  4. the_niceking

    Bar 9 – Rapture, one of my all time favorite dubs to bass to.

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  6. TheBassheadz

    Cool man some dubstep songs are great and i love this kind of videos 

  7. 1tonyloco

    Great output from that Box woofers are not moving at all
    Is that a 4th or 6thorder bandpass Box.

  8. Ruslan Konovalov

    Freaking awesome dude!

  9. DaffiestHail54

    +EXOabigdeal Plz can u do a vid with this song it goes thought the highs
    all the way to the real lows. Tazz-The search (Chillstep/HipHop
    Instrumental) thank you. 

  10. 030233854914

    Hey Exo do you know the group No Sremmurd just listen one in your

    Title : No type

  11. Joe Banks

    hahahahaa, I’m doin the same thing now, ex! sittin in the mobile crankin
    the tunes when it’s colder than shit outside. i got 1 dayton audio um22-15
    on a c2 audio recon 1.6 @ 4ohms pushin like 500watts (still on stock
    electrical) with a home-built box, and man, that thing’s rattlin my van
    apart and pullin paper tricks. but i wish i was in your pants! er,,, shoes
    man, shoes! ahahahahaha!! still, the little 15 hits like hell dude. I’m
    happy with her, and all the bass heads know that’s all that matters! i wish
    i could feel your system in person though man, she sounds really nice and
    clear for all the bass you got goin on. I’m gonna try to get to some shows
    this summer so hopefully I’ll see you there. you can demo my ride and be
    like, “wtf?!?!” cuz that 15 will surprise you, guaranteed! i got like a 54″
    port, man. the lows are unbelievable. everyone on the forums told me it
    wouldn’t work, but they where wrong. she hits lows like a demon!

    so for all you peoples out there thinkin about makin a box that goes
    against what everyone else says, and they say it’s wrong and won’t work,
    just try it. you never know unless you try. how do you think we built boxes
    before all the fancy software was out? exactly, we just did it. and if it
    turns out crappy, then try again, just remember to keep the airspace right
    for your sub, and then play with everything else like port length or
    speaker position. just have fun peoples, that’s what the bass is all about
    anyway! that and makin you cream your jeans cuz it’s poundin your lower
    region so hard! BASSHEADS UNITE!!!!

  12. mgbarela

    Thanks for that Bass Demo once again :P yeah sure sounded like my new set
    up in my car when I was testing it the whole house was shaking lol sounded
    like it was going to fall apart.

  13. John Work