9 responses to “Scosche 6.5″ Subwoofers”

  1. Apollo Smile

    Im sad to report that after normal use one woofer on the right developed a
    scratchy tune and isn’t working properly i solved that issue by replacing
    the woofers with Sony speakers

  2. Tom Primo

    Bought these at Wal-Mart for $30. Put them in the trunk of my 96 Honda
    Prelude and connected them to my Alpine 300w Amp and they gave my stereo
    system a BASS BOOST. I was surprised how good they were. 

  3. Apollo Smile

    Listening to this video with my Scosche 6.5″ Subwoofers XD

  4. Nathan Lattimer

    Yes like a boss 200 watt amp

  5. Manuel big

    Do you need amp 

  6. robby estrada

    How do u hav them connected

  7. 211basschild

    no just the box and speakers not really subs just midbass

  8. Brock Sparks


  9. Justin McGarry

    those arent subwoofers there ment to give you a Full range of sound so if
    you had a jeep wangler or a hatchback or if you want a VERY cheap
    alternative for a garage stereo