7 responses to “低音炮 Car Audio Sound custom speaker pods door panel sound test Focal Ps 165 + 2 10 Auto Subwoofers”

  1. DIY Car LED Lights Mods Tuning Channel - VW Golf

    เครื่องเสียงติดรถยนต์ 2014 Custom Car Door Speakers LED Panel Pods Bass
    Reflex Port Final Finish

  2. jon2oo6spb


  3. JJonescaraudio1

    looks great you did a great job on those doors!! how bout a night vid so we
    can see those doors light up??

  4. Phrawztz

    Digital designs, love it! 

  5. Omar garcia basshead

    Clean set up , 

  6. elfinho11


  7. nadredaolpu Dash Cammer - Norfolk UK

    Very Nice, sounds so clear and cameras cannot do justice, on how good that
    system is, I bet! :)