14 responses to “Cutting Open a JL Audio TW5 Shallow Sub | Subwoofer Guts!”

  1. Sonic Electronix

    +rguil15 Sorry to disappoint, but we’re based in California and have a
    second location in Kentucky. Both have warehouses, no basements. (that I
    know of.)

  2. XShadowHazeX

    Dat voice coil though.

  3. heyitschinoable


  4. Chris Nelson

    These subwoofers must not cost shit to make them he cut it open like
    nothing but they cost 650$ or more

  5. Rick Dager

    This last me three months .. :(
    I have to buy a new one

  6. burnitall666

    Ok and they cost 500$ for a magnet plastic and an a woofer basket? I like
    jl audio a lot but fuck that 500 bucks really? That is fucking bullshit
    they don’t need to charge that much, probabaly cost like 20$ for them to
    build it. Just like W7 way over priced

  7. Dereck BigDWiz

    I’ve been a huge fan of JL subs since the early 90’s. I’ve never been
    disappointed by any of the one’s I’ve purchased over the years… BigDWiz –

  8. TheMrrrRagerrr

    Is that a 12 or a 15 i cant really tell

  9. mkeets

    This is a v2 the v1 had the basket you’re thinking of. Neo is too expensive
    a lot of home audio drivers with neo magnets have doubled in price over the
    past year or two. I’d rather see them use something similar to Image
    Dynamics high roll surround to maximize surface area. From what I heard
    they are actually suspension limited not motor limited.

  10. rallotubbs1

    I guess you’re doctor subwoofer.

  11. civicdrivr

    I’ve had this sub for nearly 4 years, powered by an alpine pdx600.1. Its an
    amazing woofer. I cried a little inside when he started cutting it.

  12. monsterpete1

    Oh that hurt soooo bad.

  13. BassKing956

    Man how can you do that to such a beautiful thing? :(

  14. Trenton long

    Its a good looking sub, i’m saying there sub does not take $600 build, but
    that jl audio logo makes it $600. I bet it takes less then $100 to build.