13 responses to “8 inch JBL 800 GTI Competition Subwoofer”

  1. Nfspeed000

    don’t test it with bass i love you. you’ll blow that subwoofer. You need a
    much bigger subwoofer to be able to test it with bass i love you.

  2. R3nd0m

    bet its a hell of a stock upgrade no matter what any 1 says ..music just
    sounds better

  3. MrSoundCreation

    Bass i love you from basstronics

  4. MrSoundCreation

    this sub is 160 watts rms

  5. santa914

    how many rms is that sub

  6. skimbaka1

    nice highs

  7. JuniorInEville24

    Did someone Shit In Your Speaker Box?

  8. xXLoVeRandHaTeRXx

    shit. my 2 12 inch at 1000 watt rms will tear these things apart!

  9. sbobster15

    whats the name of this song

  10. santa914

    ok kool, i am buying a pair of old school rockford fosgate 8″ subs that are
    250rms. looks like they will hit good.

  11. demonsparkx

    Ur bass is weak as hell dude

  12. MrSoundCreation

    Yes they are very good in a small car You have very nice Jbl subs to

  13. xXx_illuminati_overload_xXx

    Sundown sa8, nuf said