25 responses to “Cheap walmart Dual subwoofer not doing bad ( don’t like them don’t comment)”

  1. Timothy Thomas

    No comment… just a stare :- <

  2. clarence simmons

    H put them into a tline box and get the max out of them 30-28 hrz

  3. Apollo Smile

    I love dual. rockign them as pc speakers XD and they do BOOM and works
    great nothing to cheap about them

  4. SuperKasper92

    what is the name of that song

  5. Tommy Atwell

    How mutch where those woofers?

  6. Matthew Adams

    Let me have them 

  7. keenan boone

    My first set of speakers are two 15’inch JL 

  8. Tommy Atwell

    Dose walmart have tacos?

  9. eric9385

    Whenever you want badass subs hit up a pawn shop, that’s what I do :-) bout
    10 yrs ago I bought 2 pioneer 12’s in box for like $150. 2 weeks ago I
    bought a polk 12″ in a very nice ported box for $100… It hits hard for a
    single 12. But still, if you start from nothing the $ adds up. Sub $100,
    amp $150 and kit $50… Oh well it’s worth it!

  10. JacobBraden

    Not too shabby. Dual and Kicker are always good starter brands.

  11. omar king

    Omg people stop playing this gay fuckn song it sounds so gay

  12. Noah Hoeft

    Do you need a amplifier or could you run 2 of these on your mobile phone or
    any music device etc.

  13. john daniels

    did the cords come with them

  14. Brenham Koontz

    Remember it’s not always about power it’s about the efficiency of the
    amplifier and the sub itself. Friend of mine has a pioneer competition sub
    and is pushing 900 watts of power on it and my 250 watt 12 inch mtx road
    thunder 5500 outperforms the pioneer by far. So remember its not always
    about how much power you have it is how efficient it is. Some people need
    to learn that.

  15. bobby edwards

    what waz that lats song caled ?

  16. Richard Nguyen

    Same here I bought it for 30$ bucks so cheap and very well made

  17. Tropy Odayaka

    fuck haters

  18. navaro54

    I dont like them

  19. louis tomlinson122

    these subs I bought for 30 bucks at wally world and it blew real quick get
    what you pay for that’s it

  20. Chencho3051

    What are you pushing them with ?

  21. FireWorksVids

    nice subs.. for the price

  22. Brian Cooper

    50 dollars a piece lmfao… ever heard of a pawn shop? you could have
    gotten some kicker comps in a box for 150 or so. Sad…

  23. tyler jenkins

    Thos things sound good but I ended up killing a couple 

  24. ColdProductAisle9

    For cheap subs, Dual isn’t that bad if you need a really quick and cheap
    system to throw in your vehicle. 

  25. OneRoomShed

    I’ve got a set of these. Mine are red. I put them in a set of Jensen LS-5
    boxes in my house. Sounds great and haven’t smoked them yet !