23 responses to “Understanding why your speakers distort and a quick way to get around it”

  1. Kickback Gaming

    holy fuck 144p

  2. Tee Bee

    who the fuck uses a 4 channel amp for bass? no one because mono block is
    100% way to go.


    so basically
    Lows 1-80 hz
    Mids 80-5,000 hz
    Highs 5,000-20,000 hz

  4. Bob Luttin

    A lot of good information however just for the presentation quality side of
    things, please have more non direct light and a tripod would help imensly. 

  5. Chad Self

    Sweet thanks very helpful

  6. Johnny Mars

    Thanks mane this video really helped!! Nice job now people are talking
    differently about my subs lol

  7. Jack Sniper

    can i use a 4 ohm sub to a 2ohm amp in my car?

  8. fatman7992

    Thanks for the tips I was wondering why my system sounded like shit took
    your knowledge and now it sounds amazing!

  9. brandon rodriguez

    I have a boss audio flip up monitor hooked up to a rockford fosgate prime
    r500 powering a memphis sr 10″ subwoofer. The amp comes with a sub adjuster
    and with the flip up monitor I can set the frequency ,But all I really need
    to do is set the levels on the amp so I know how high I can push the sub
    before the sound distorts. Any tips?

  10. Benjamin Knight

    Okay so i have a 15 in my trunk and it distorts when its on I’ve seen a
    leveler in Wal-Mart would that help?

  11. erik hall

    ok, so many informative and for most confusing things. long story short, if
    you have x-overs, use em thats what they are for. now that i saw this video
    was uploaded in 2011, not alot of mid to low end head units even had HPF
    filters, only two ways to fix your issue at that point. either a 2 or 4
    channel amp or passive x-overs which make ur stock 18-22 watts rms from
    even your high end head unit sound crappier. just like an engine, no
    replacement for displacement! even a small 200 watt rms 4 channel will play
    louder AND cleaner! spend the extra $150- $200 nd be happier.

  12. woodsracerdotcom

    Thanks for the quick and easyaudio lesson, I knew what cross over’s did,
    but you did an excellent job of explaining it to a novice like me!

  13. diveon44

    Thank you so much for that detailed lesson. I’ve spent hours on diff sites
    reading this material, however, to actually see it as you presented finally
    makes sense! Now, I can learn about ohms, watts, resistance, etc with more
    clarity and understanding. Great video.

  14. Tim datoolman

    Thanks for the tutorial, I understand soundwave better than I did before I
    watched this video. I still have a lot to learn though. LOL! Thanks

  15. jbbchinook

    Thanks for making this video. Good information. I knew what a Hertz was,
    but I didn’t realize the speaker would visually basically display the hertz
    output.(not that you could really see it) Very interesting and makes
    understanding it easier.

  16. Brian Rivera

    Good. ‘Cause it’s not like that at all, but if that helps… To truly
    understand what’s going on, you’re going to need to know a little about
    Fourier Analysis.


  17. Basic Security videos

    shit i under stand this alot better now bro thanks

  18. luis crespo
  19. 10020113001

    … buds might want to type properly retard..

  20. kaing31

    dats nothing wait til i put mine on here da car speakers and touchin mine

  21. Daniel Osborne

    That beat! My niggaa!!!

  22. hulbert87

    lol i went to a bass comp with my CVR setup 2 15″s 7cubic ft box at 33hz on
    1300rms…..lets just say i got rolled on. But i was expecting it anyway

  23. SaucyBegger25

    it would be hard to beat this system, i have basicly the same subs and box.
    i got a custom box built for my 2 15″ kicker comps and its got more power
    that ill ever need, ive got slot ports iver side of the box too. amazing