8 responses to “Dual Sub Woofer Install Se. 1, Ep. 7”

  1. manumisteriosul1

    Name song 3:35 plizz :D 

  2. Ethan Sim

    nice stuff guys, you did a good job makin this video, nect time put two 15″
    in a fiberglass enclosure lol?

  3. FrancisBouillon51

    I might look idiot, but I don’t get the ”Remote wire” … the only thing
    I can’t figure out ! Where the hell do I plug i too??

  4. itsDreamzHD

    thats a maaaaad sub man.

  5. George Greig

    You will need a “High Level Input” which will correspond with your headunit
    and amp. Google it, should be some easy tutorials.

  6. YoshiMods

    Absolutely! :D

  7. billyvesar

    Song name at 3:35?

  8. Brandon Webber

    i did all that wit the same subwoofer and it aint working