6 responses to “xB underseat kenwood sub”

  1. Sadan Dai

    Sounds sick´╗┐

  2. Rexon Arquiza

    oh wow i didn’t realize people had commented this video lol.. sorry for the
    super late reply. to answer all your questions: i used the stock scion
    pioneer system. i tapped into the rear speakers to draw a signal into the
    amp. the sub definitely shakes the seat.. no girl has complained yet =P..
    the bass hits hard inside the car but isn’t too loud outside which is
    exactly how i wanted the setup to be.

  3. form109

    hey this actually sounds like a good amount of bass.

  4. egnaterdude

    Nice man. Would you recommend it for my ’09 xB?

  5. jock rockwell

    wooowww it sounds wellll worth the money!

  6. woopw00p

    are under seat subs good? do they rumble the seat?