25 responses to “North Korean Army Winter River-Crossing Attack Exercises, Kim Jong Un Guides”

  1. walkintothefuture

    The only thing I disgust more than a Communist is a fat Communist. 

  2. deka 001

    i bomb n. korea. kim jong un guides

  3. MrGeneralRelativity

    Their army is some kind of shit from the past

  4. deka 001

    i watch video. kim jong un guides

  5. joe biden

    They need a new military in north Korea.

  6. deka 001

    i eat noodles. kim jong un guides

  7. Shannon Frazier

    I love to see this 

  8. deka 001

    i pee on n.korea, kim jong un guides

  9. Striking4gold4

    In Soviet Russia, car explodes you

  10. Brian Paone

    So Many Questions 

  11. braxton mertz

    When you pass me the aux cord in traffic

  12. Jellybean *Maria Martinez*

    Spectacular Explosion Blows Up Home Made Gas Powered Car:
    http://youtu.be/3y5EhDglRqY/Wow boom!!!!

  13. MrPoPcornGuY1

    “Let’s see what this red button Does.”

  14. Cy Burkhart

    Russian engineering at its finest

  15. Jazzfather

    “I told partner bring the presser” *bass kicks in*

  16. Nicole Marie

    So Many Questions 

  17. Daniel Draper

    Spectacular Explosion Blows Up Home Made Gas Powe…:

  18. HighAway

    are they cooking meth in the back seat?????

  19. Sercan Ayadam

    I find original video but couldnt find vine version of it. fuck

  20. theMaxGFX

    When you pass the Aux Chord

  21. DarkChill MAX

    This is what happens when you have too much bass.

  22. nestor cardone

    Spectacular Explosion Blows Up Home Made Gas Powered Car
    OJO !!!

  23. Yo Wolf, Tag Along

    This is the real reason Jeremy Clarkson was fired from Top Gear.

  24. Logan Stanley

    I told partner bring the presser. Lol

  25. Chelsea Serna

    that’s where the subwoofers are .o. man what a waste of good speakers XD At
    least the car was able to take a huge shit lolol