16 responses to “WinISD Pro and the Sonus UPC Router Bit”

  1. Soundman old page

    Amplified NEW Episode Subwoofer box for The Mule, WinISD Pro and Sonus Car
    Audio’s UPC Router Bit

  2. John Harris

    “I chose the wood I’m going to use for my box” That’s what she said…

  3. DJ Inclined

    hahaha thats was the best episode in a long time, laughed my ass off. and
    the thing with rafa and the other guy was so true. great work doug. 

  4. Jeremy Ellington

    Do you mind sharing the volumes and tunings that you decided on for this

  5. Dereck BigDWiz

    It would’ve been cool to have a Soundman reunion with Spoon, Allyn and
    John. Great episode, I’m ready for the “next episode”…that’s what Billion
    Dolla Dre said

  6. j.r. jackson

    dude ur funny as hell lol

  7. zepey18

    2:59 LMAO Good one :D

  8. John Harris

    That Vette dash mod looks sick man. 

  9. Mark Vaughn

    Episode music sounds like the song Mr. Krabs listened to (the episode where
    Spongebob thinks everyone is a robot.)

    … I’ll be in my corner.

  10. Delos twentythree

    I need longer videos in my life!!

  11. Kuldip Panesar


  12. Filipe Araujo


  13. Shawman


  14. Jules Bilodeau

    Spoony Spoon mo’fwaka! God I miss that time! Don’t get me wrong, the show
    is still very good but season 1 and 2 were the shit!

  15. philthy bass

    Well shit!! What up SPOON!!!

  16. Ryan Drury

    You guys probably got a lot of business from the need for speed movie that
    came out. with all those IPADs in dashs!