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  1. Dennis
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    Great sounding speakers with mesmurizing dancing water display., November 25, 2015
    Dennis (Springfield, IL The REAL home of the Simpsons!) –

    I received these Soundsoul Wireless Bluetooth Music Fountain Dancing Water Speakers for an unbiased review. The following is my own opinion and has not been influenced by the vendor or manufacturer in any way.

    After unboxing the speakers and taking the pictures that I will mention below, I plugged them in to charge. They lit up (the LEDs that are inside the water display chamber). Later I figured out they do this when charging. They go out after the speakers batteries have been charged.

    Once they were charged, I pressed and held the power/bluetooth button, the 2nd button from the left. These speakers spoke and said they were waiting for pairing. That gave me no doubt the pairing process was ready. I have two phones. One iPhone 4s that I essentially use as an iPod and an iPhone 6. Both paired without any delays or problems.

    Once paired I played some Eagles tunes and a couple of Pink Floyd tunes. The first thing I can say about these as bluetooth speakers, I was impressed as to the quality of the music they projected. They even had a moderate amount of bass. I knew they wouldn’t blow me away but they were adequate at producing quality and clear music with a decent amount of bass from such a small speaker. Twenty years ago speakers this size were known as tweeters only producing the high notes and sounds. For them to be able to produce a decent spectrum, I was impressed.

    When I pulled them out of the shipping container my wife asked me what I got this time. I told her speakers that have a water and light show and she scoffed at me with a bit of doubt as to their quality and if they worked well. I’ll get back to this later in this review.

    Not only did they sound decent, the water show squirting to the beat and intensity of the music was really cool. In the music when it was soft, the water would only squirt up a little but as the music intensified, the water squirted up to the top of the water chamber and splashed back down. The LEDs at the bottom light up he water display resulting in an appealing display of music and water dancing to the beat.

    Back to my wife…once the music started, she asked me “Are those the speakers?” I could tell she was impressed. I told her she should come watch the water display she came and stood there for quite a while watching the water display dancing dancing to the beat of the music. It’s hard to impress my wife but she was in awe of these little speakers with their dancing water display.

    One other note, you do not have to put water in these, they are ready to go as soon as you get them.

    There are some things I should note. These are also powered by a USB port or USB charger so you don’t have to worry if they aren’t charged.

    Their batteries, when fully charged, only last 3 hours.

    I did not test them with the mini audio plug, I connected using bluetooth. I can imagine they do well with connecting this way.

    I did not connect them using the USB cable to a computer.
    Now for simple instructions:
    Connect the speakers using the mini USB to mini USB cable from the control speaker to the slave speaker.

    Connect the control speaker to the USB source with the USB to Mini USB cable. The LED lights in the water chamber should light up if not fully charged.

    Press the power button on the front of the control speaker. If you are connecting via bluetooth, hold the button in until you receive the prompt about waiting for pairing from the speakers.,

    Pair with your bluetooth device if you wish to play an audio selection from your bluetooth device. It will show up as a device named 8888 on your bluetooth device. Once paired the speakers will tell you that they are paired.

    After that sit back and watch the water display dance to the tunes to the sound of your music o other type of audio source.

    These would be a great stocking stuffer for your young adult child.

    They come in several colors so choose your favorite and enjoy!


    The first picture is what the speakers look like once unpacked. There are the speakers and the three cables. The cables included are (from left to right) The USB to mini USB power/charging cable, the mini-USB to mini-USB connecting cable (the cable that connects the control speaker to the slave speaker) and the mini to mini audio cable that connects an auxiliary device not capable of bluetooth.

    The second picture is where the cables attach for running off of USB and the speaker interconnecting cable.

    The third picture is of the buttons on the front of the control speaker. The button on the left turns the volume up and advances your music selection to the next song (tap it one to change volume up hold it down to advance the song) the second button turns it on, plays and pauses (Hold this one down…

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  2. Rob Slaven
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    See my on-camera unboxing and test of the unit, December 5, 2015
    Rob Slaven (Indianapolis, IN) –

    Customer Video Review Length:: 4:43 Mins

    My video represents a live unboxing of the item and my candid first impressions only. It is designed to ensure the item is of reasonable quality and meets the stated specifications put forth in the item description.

    Video Highlights:

    * Setup is simple; includes microUSB cord for charging and a miniUSB to connect to speakers. Requires a USB power plug.

    * Draws about 6W from the outlet

    * Certainly a unique visual display. Four jets of water shoot up along with the music. Playing with the tone generator the height of the water seems be a direct relationship with the pitch and the volume of the music.

    * Sound is about what you’d expect for a very small speaker with a plastic body. Not amazing but pretty good.

    * Exterior appearance is a bit disappointing. Really just simple plastic speakers. If this was upgraded a bit this would be an awesome speaker.

    PS: I hope my review was helpful. If it was not, then please let me know what I left out that you’d want to know. I always aim to improve.

    — free sample received for review

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